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Computers without Borders is a non-profit organization dedicated to the proposition that all children throughout the world have a right to a quality education. Our mission is to:
1. further the education of children in the developing world and impoverished parts of the uS;
2. help reduce the environmental footprint of modern technology; and
3. engender a transformative experience for all of our members and affiliates.
The task is to bring modern technology and skills to all the places in the world that have not had the opportunity to participate. To tackle our mission we are establishing a network of university computer science and IT students to bring diverse skills and resources to deserving target schools in the developing world. Students and faculty will be recruited to provide the infrastructure needed to assure that the hardware delivered will be properly installed and connected to the Internet, and to train, educate and inspire local teachers and support staff to assure that the computers will be effectively maintained and utilized.

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