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What We Do

We help individuals and families become digitally independent.

What is Digifi Me?

As communities and cities become more and more dependent on internet-connected services, those of us without the software, skills, and internet-connected computers to use these services fall further and further behind in work, school, and everyday tasks. The spread of the coronavirus changed the world to require remote work from home or lose your job, attend school online or lose an education, and use online services and apps for everyday needs or risk getting the COVID-19 virus. People who weren’t digitally prepared lost their jobs, lost much-needed education and school benefits, and lost their lives.

Digifi Me is your guide and finder of trusted free to low-cost digital city services, software, apps, guides, and training for first-time owners of computers and internet-connected devices. We also help identify local providers of free to low-cost computers and internet service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digifi Me is a project of the nonprofit mohuman with a commitment to empowering digitally underserved people.

Who is Digifi Me for?

Digifi Me is for low income, rural, and digitally underserved people to find guidance to free and low-cost digital city services, software, apps, and services for digital independence in work, school, play, and daily life.

Digifi Me is for all the students and families who have to return internet-connected devices loaned during the COVID-19 pandemic and need immediate help to find affordable devices, internet connection, and software services.

Digifi Me is for the digital do-gooders to guide friends and family to the digital skills and software for a path to digital independence.

Digifi Me is for the helpers (nonprofits, digital inclusion organizations, social service providers, libraries, and municipalities) who need a single place to find, share, update and track digital services for the digitally underserved.

How can Digifi Me be used?

For Individuals and Families

Find trusted free and low-cost digital city services, software, apps, devices, and internet 24/7 with a phone or computer.

Access simple and straight forward technology guidance, evaluate your technology skills, and access digital literacy classes.

Learn about protecting your privacy and security and how to keep yourself safe online.

Create a personalized and secure profile to bookmark, track, review, and share services.

Get updated hours of operation during COVID-19 and contact providers by phone, direct message, and email (even without an email address).

For Nonprofits, Municipalities, and Service Providers

Easily find, submit, track, refer, and share free and low-cost digital services with one easy to use tool for those you serve.

Send and receive messages directly with those who need your help.

Easily update your hours of operation and services for everyone to see.

Increase your impact with access to Digifi Me’s online community of practitioners, the Digivide, to keep up to date, learn, share, and collaborate across sectors to close the digital divide.

Access a private forum for your organization and team members to coordinate and collaborate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Work with us to develop Digifi Me resources and tools that will make it easier for you to help the digitally underserved.